Bečov nad Teplou - Castle and Chateau

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Bečov nad Teplou, 364 64

The Bečov manorial seat is a unique composition of architectural styles of different periods. The dominant feature of the complex is the extraordinarily well preserved Gothic castle from the early 14th century. On display here is a unique Romanesque work of Europe-wide importance - the reliquary of St Maurus, which was discovered under dramatic circumstances on the castle premises in 1985. It is on view with an accompanying exposition in the Baroque chateau building, which also offers its classical chateau interiors.

The Bečov seigneurial residence consists of a unique complex of architectural styles of different periods. It is dominated by the unusually well preserved Gothic castle from the early 14th century. The Baroque chateau situated lower hides the Romanesque reliquary of St Maurus from 1225-1230. Visitors can choose between two tour routes focused on the history of the St Maurus reliquary or, in the "Chateau Interiors" tour, on local history, construction development and owners of the complex. The project "Thinking about Children" offers two programmes, one for children of 4 to 7, explaining the differences between life at castles and chateaux, and the other for 7 to 12-year-olds presenting the St Maurus reliquary. The service premises, fringe programmes and child website are also tailored to children.

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hrado-zámecký komplex Bečov
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