New Town Hall - Prague 2

Karlovo náměstí 1/23
Praha 2, 128 00

The monument is accessible for reduced admission

Monument will be open: 11.9.2021 to 19.9.2021: from 10:00 to 20:00 hours

The history of the New Town Hall began in 1348 after the founding of Prague's New Town by Charles IV and the foundations of this Prague national cultural monument are therefore celebrating 670 years this year. It is one of the most important Gothic buildings in the area, and the entrance hall with the Mázhaus vault is one of the largest surviving non-sacred spaces of the High Gothic period in Bohemia. In the history of the town, the town hall has witnessed many events that will remain imprinted here forever. The first and second Prague defenestration took place here, a dramatic fire occurred here, it used to be the seat of the criminal and provincial court with a prison, and executions took place in its courtyard. It is associated with the name of Jan Sladky - Kozina, the legendary robber Václav Babinský, Alois Rashin and Milada Horáková. Currently, the New Town Hall serves as a multifunctional cultural facility organizing exhibitions, concerts, festivals and other cultural and social events.

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Name: Václav
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The eventful history of the Prague New Town Hall started with the foundation of the New Town by Charles IV in 1348. This was where the First Prague Defenestration took place, triggering off the Hussite wars, and at one time the Town Hall housed also a court of justice and municipal jail executions took place in its courtyard. It is dominated by a 70-metre tower dated 1456, with a gallery offering one of the most beautiful views of Prague.

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