New Town Hall - Prague 2

Karlovo náměstí 1/23
Praha 2, 128 00

The monument is accessible for free

Monument will be open: 10.9.2022 to 18.9.2022: from 10:00 to 20:00 hours

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Name: Václav
Family name: Beznoska
Phone: +420725537024
The eventful history of the Prague New Town Hall started with the foundation of the New Town by Charles IV in 1348. This was where the First Prague Defenestration took place, triggering off the Hussite wars, and at one time the Town Hall housed also a court of justice and municipal jail executions took place in its courtyard. It is dominated by a 70-metre tower dated 1456, with a gallery offering one of the most beautiful views of Prague.


10.9.2022 až 18.9.2022 od 8:00 do 23:00 hodin

The SCULPTURE LINE 2020 international sculpture festival in the courtyard

Alexandra Koláčková - Sitting Figure. The first impulse for the creation of this realisation was the intention to create an intimate space in a private garden with seating and a statue. This gave rise to the bench in the form of a stylised woman, where you can snuggle down with a good book or sit face to face with someone close.
15.9.2022 až 30.11.2022 od 10:00 do 18:00 hodin

An exhibition in the ground-floor gallery: More than beetles: architect Zdeněk Podhůrský

An exhibition of puppets celebrating the 100th anniversary of the birth of the architect Zdeněk Podhůrský, one of our greatest ever puppeteers and artists, the author of the charming puppets for the Beetles children's show and others. The exhibition is a cross section of his almost fifty years of independent work.
15.9.2022 od 19:00 do 21:00 hodin

Concert: HARMONIA PRAGA - the brilliant tones of the solo trumpet, violin and contrabass

Miroslav Vilímec - violin, artistic director/Štefan Britvík - conductor.
15.9.2022 až 2.10.2022 od 10:00 do 20:00 hodin

An exhibition in the tower: the 5th meeting

This is the 5th time that the Prague 7 Arts Primary School has met with visitors at the New Town Hall. Pupils from the school's artistic courses will present their works there. The basis of the exhibition is work created during the last two years. The work reflects the creative work of children of varying ages.
1.7.2015 až 31.12.2025 od 8:00 do 23:00 hodin

The Piano in the Courtyard

Play the piano or listen to piano music as part of the Piano in the Street project. Cushions by the Sculptor Veronika Psotková have been placed on the square for seating.
4.5.2021 až 31.10.2022 od 10:00 do 20:00 hodin

Escape game: The Chamber - The Emperor's Secret

An escape room full of adventure which is set in the 14th century. A perfectly authentic atmosphere supported by unique period surroundings, clever and original riddles and a strong story.
10.9.2022 až 18.9.2022

Café Neustadt

Refreshments and seating in a cafe with a garden in the courtyard
10.9.2022 až 18.9.2022 od 10:00 do 20:00 hodin

Two + 1 - Alena Beldová, Markéta Jírová, Jaroslav Šusta

10.9.2022 až 18.9.2022 od 10:00 do 20:00 hodin

The lookout tower

A view from an almost 70 m high gallery constructed in 1456, which is reached via 221 steps (there is no lift).
10.9.2022 až 18.9.2022 od 10:00 do 20:00 hodin

Permanent exposition in the tower warden's flat: History of the New Town and Panoramic Prague

The permanent exposition presents copies of historic engravings from the archives of the City of Prague Museum. It includes the oldest panoramic views showing the city from hills surrounding the Prague valley on all sides.
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