The Star (Hvězda) Cinema

náměstí Míru 951
Uherské Hradiště, 686 01

The monument is accessible for free

Monument will be open: 11.9.2021 to 12.9.2021: from 10:00 to 15:00 hours

Visitors will be guided through the building and its history by students of the Gymnasium in Uherské Hradiště.

Responsible person
Name: Mgr. Josef
Family name: Korvas
Phone: 602 576 147
At the beginning of the 1960s, the town launched its project to build a modern cinema halfway between the centre and the new Na Rybníku housing estate. Brno architect Zdeněk Michal designed a multi-purpose complex, where the lower part was to be a cinema and technical facilities for civil defence. The upper storeys consist of a spacious foyer and additional spaces, in the middle with a respirium hall. It was inaugurated in October 1967. After a 2011 reconstruction, its use was extended also for conferences, workshops, drama and music productions. A small stage and auditorium were set up in the auditorium.
kino Hvězda

Sdružení historických sídel
Čech, Moravy a Slezska

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