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The Town Hall, a symbol of municipal rights and liberties, was established in 1501 by a deed of Nový Jičín owners, lords of Žerotín, who gave the town a free house in the square. The councillors and burgomaster left it in 1593, when the municipal offices were moved to Nový Jičín Chateau. After the Thirty Years´ War, in 1659, the house was donated by Jesuit authorities to municipal representatives and became Town Hall again - to remain so till this day. The foundation stone was consecrated in 1661, in 1861 local builder Tomáš Chytil remodelled the structure in neo-Gothic style, and its latest radical reconstruction was carried out by Richard and Hugo Blums in 1929-1930. That was when the Town Hall received its current appearance, with new layouts, tower and sculpted decoration by Ernst Kubiena. 

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