Parish Church of St James Major

Lipník nad Bečvou, 751 31

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Name: Jitka
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Parish church, originally Gothic, height added to the tower with a Renaissance gallery, Baroque restyling of the church in 1765-66, furnishings date mostly from that period. Sculptures by Gottfried Fritsch and Václav Böhm, the painting of St James Major is by Jan Jiří Frömmel from 1810. The side chapels open to the church with two vaulted arches on each side. On the right is the Chapel of the Annunciation with a wooden altar and rococo columns. Opposite is the Chapel of St Barbara, dominated by an altar with the Saint’s portrait and a Baroque tabernacle.

The church, originally probably Romanesque, was reconstructed in the Gothic style by Lacek of Kravaře probably before 1400. In 1596, the tower received additional height with a Renaissance arcaded gallery and dome on the top. In 1604, the municipality commissioned a new big bell, Michael, but it could not be hung in the tower. This is why Lipník purchased the Šmic house in 1609 and built a massive free-standing bell tower in its place, where Michael, as well as the bells from the church tower, dated from 1464 and 1578, were hung. In 1613 the church was devastated by fire but repaired in the same year, including the roof of its tower. The Chapel of St Barbara was built in 1693 and the Chapel of the Virgin Mary was extended in 1694. In the 1760s the church was extensively redesigned and remodelled in the Baroque style, with the participation of František Antonín Grimm. After another fire in 1788, the tower received a pyramidal roof and the cupolas of the side chapels were removed. The tower gallery surrounds the room of the watchman from all sides.

The furnishings, involving work by sculptors Gottfried Fritsch and Václav Böhm, date mostly from the 1760s, when the church received its Baroque appearance. The portrait of St James Major, from 1810, is by Jan Jiří Frömmel. The two side altars are decorated with reliefs, the one on the left depicts the throwing of St John of Nepomuk into the Vltava River, it is  flanked by Baroque statues of St Wenceslas and St Florian. In a niche in the middle is the statue of Our Lady of Lourdes. Opposite is the altar of St Francis Xavier showing the apostle of the Indies dying in a deserted hut, and the statues of the patron saints against the plague Sts Sebastian and Rosalie, standing by a column. In the altar niche is a sculpture of the Sacré-Coeur. Inscriptions above the reliefs appeal to believers to ORATE – VIGILATE (pray and watch). The side chapels open to the church with two vaulted arches on each side. 

On the right is the Chapel of the Annunciation with a wooden altar and rococo columns. The painting is the work of the local retired headmaster František Novotník. At the top is an oval painting of St Francis Seraph. The altar is flanked by the statues on consoles of St Joseph with Baby Jesus and St Francis. The other part is formed by the Chapel of the Holy Cross, which contains an altar with a beautiful large cross and the statues of Virgin Mary and St John and the statues of Sts Cyril and Methodius.

Opposite is the Chapel of St Barbara, dominated by the altar of the Saint and a Baroque tabernacle. The architecture of the altar is unusual, it is possible to walk around it. At this site, the glorious Brotherhood of St Barbara used to hold their divine services with offertory. Another part is the Chapel of Our Lady of Sorrows - Pieta, with the statues of St John and St Mary Magdalene on the sides. At Christmas, the Nativity scene is displayed in this chapel, and at Easter the Holy Sepulchre is presented here.

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