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The free-standing bell tower from 1609 was built for the bell St Michael which had been too large for the church tower. The bells Michael, James and Barbara can be viewed by visitors. The sundial on the bell tower was renovated after a reconstruction in 2011. The bell tower is a dominant feature of the town, open only within tours of the town - during the season starting from the Information Centre at 10.00 and 14.00.

Originally the bells were hung in the tower of the Church of St James, but when the Municipality acquired the new big bell Michael, the whole tower was said to shake during the ringing. Thus, the town funded a free-standing bell tower which was built in 1609, with the support of the lords of the demesne. The decision to buy a house for the construction of the tower is described in the local chronicle.

The house was immediately pulled down and eight days after the purchase, on 4 April 1609, the foundations were laid for the new tower. Before winter set in, on 12 November 1609 it was completed. It was built by Italian master Jan Mario Vlach, the stone was brought from the villages of Prusy and Podolí. 

The bells were transferred from the church to the bell tower, and thus spared the disaster which hit the town during a fire on 14 April 1613; the bell tower was not affected.

The bell tower in Lipník nad Bečvou is the only one in Moravia surviving in the original neo-Renaissance form, and moreover distinguished from other preserved bell towers by its size. The massive prismatic structure is 24 metres high, 9.70 metres wide. The second and third storeys have square windows, the fourth storey a paired window on the front façade, and the remaining windows with a semicircular arch. In 2003, the windows of this storey received wooden blinds, which let through the sound of the bells better and are more suitable than the former sheet metal window covers. The sound of the bells bounced off the original ones and the vibrations harmed the bells. The decoration of the tower is concentrated above the top storey, in the form of blind arcades and indented attic. “For its noble architectural division and intact exterior, the tower has no match among Renaissance monuments in Moravia except the gate on the Street of the Mother of God in Jihlava“, Karel Svoboda, commissioner of the Heritage Office in Brno, wrote in his article Art in the History of Lipník Town in 1933. 

On the façade of the bell tower is a sundial, the emblem of Jiří Bruntálský of Vrbno, the lord of the demesne in 1609, and a memorial tablet commemorating the foundation of the tower and the names of the other contributors, including the Lipník Municipality. 


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