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Name: Jitka
Family name: Pitronová
Phone: 581722251
Still unique 1863 adaptation of the terrace on the roof of the former stables of the west courtyard wing - its conversion into a garden connected by a footbridge with the former salon in the southwest corner. The roof garden has an area of 600 sq.m, with a fountain and two palms in the middle, the garden is illuminated after dark.

The first rough pencil drawing by which master builder Josef Ziak-Žák (Zürk according to some sources) planned a terrace above the horse stables dates from 1863, thus designing a roof garden, technically interesting and still unique, at the top of the right farm wing of Lipník nad Bečvou chateau. The first outline of the ornamental garden dates from about 1869, when the demesne was in the possession of Gabriela of Dietrichstein, by marriage Hatzfeld-Wildenburg.

The garden roof leaked so much that it had to be repaired constantly and in 1911, the decision was taken to replace it completely. At that time, the demesne was already owned by a daughter of Gabriela of Dietrichstein, princess Antonia, married to count Robert of Althann. Thanks to the owners‘ foresight, a progressive structure of reinforced concrete beams with waterproofing by two layers of roofing board and one elastic jute layer was built. Its load bearing capacity was required to be sufficient for “a layer of 60 cm of wet earth on gravel base, accidental snow load, as well as the load of many people moving in the garden“ (2025 kg/m2). The quality of the work was tested by time – no investment was needed for almost a century to preserve the function of this unique structure. Until 1945 the garden was ornamental, and subsequently was turned into a vegetable garden for the tenants who lived in the chateau after the war and grew their plants here, in 1986 still including leek, salad, beans, chives, onion, redcurrant, strawberries, and others…

A reconstruction aimed at restoring the original appearance and ornamental function of the garden was launched in 2005 by a decision of the Lipník nad Bečvou Town Council. At the total cost of CZK 5 million, the garden was inaugurated in September 2006, and soon became the most sought-after monument in the town, admired by thousands of visitors every year. In 2012, it placed fifth out of a total of twenty-one in the Seven Wonders of Olomouc Region poll. In 2013, the garden marked 150 years of its existence. 

The roof garden at the top of the west wing is connected with the chateau building by a footbridge leading to a door on the chateau first floor. In the middle of the garden is a fountain and two palm trees, which had been here originally. Woody species planted here include e.g. barberry and quince, and Virginia creeper by the balustrades. Ornamental planting on the grassland of the roof garden is represented by perennial and annual plants, e.g. asters, white dryas, tagetes, houseleeks, etc.

The roof garden in Lipník nad Bečvou is the oldest one in the Czech Republic and countries north of the Alps

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