Former chateau stable

Bratrská 358
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The building is part of the chateau, which was constructed in the early 17th century. The first written reference to the farm and service wings dates from the late 18th century. The newly reconstructed west wing originally housed horse stables, coach sheds and coachmen’s dwellings. Now a ceremonies hall of the Municipality, café and gallery.

According to preserved iconography, the farm and service wings originated simultaneously with, or shortly after the construction of the main chateau building - not later than 1626 when the administration of the demesne was transferred from Helfštýn to Lipník. Late 18th -century written records say that the right (west) wing housed horse stables and coachmen’s dwellings. In 1830, valuations of Moravian demesnes list horse stables in the west wing, one half vaulted and the other with a flat ceiling. In the 1860s the owner, Gabriela of Dietrichstein, by marriage Hatzfeld-Wildenburg, had the chateau radically remodelled in pseudo-Baroque and pseudo-Empire styles. In 1869, a list of the buildings for the purpose of insurance records the chateau, and the right and left farm and service wings. Details given for the right wing include the reinforced concrete terrace with a horse stable and coach-shed, and roof with garden. 

The west wing under the roof garden was inaugurated after extensive reconstruction worth CZK 22 million in June 2010. It houses the gallery accessible from the atrium on the west side behind the stairway to the roof garden, and the café and ceremonies hall accessible from the chateau courtyard.

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