Church of All Saints

Boskovice, 680 01


A simple single-aisle flat-ceilinged Gothic structure. Preserved in the sacristy, its oldest part, is one field of simple groined rib vault, the keystoneswere decorated with the coat of arms of the Lords of Zástřizly, probably painted not sooner than the 19th century. Leading into the sacristy is a late-Gothic stone saddle portal of intersecting bars in the north wall. The presbytery opens to the nave through a massive triumphal arch. The original entrance in the south wall axis is topped with a pointed stone vaulting. The early-Baroque altar  painting dated 1664 (now in keeping at the Parish Ofice) is the work of local painter Jiří František Tříska-Jurný. The saddle roof is broken by a lantern with a small bell. The forged Renaissance pulpit from 1626 was transferred here from the parish Church of St James the Elder in 1845. In 1916 the church was devastated by fire, the new organ loft was added in 1947. The church used to be surrounded with a very old churchyard, in use from 1786 till 1948; some of the gravestones are incorporated in the church pavement.

Park arrangements of the old churchyard were completed in 1998, and the place now invites visitors to stop for a while and relax.

The church interior is closed to the public.


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