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Evangelical church

Havlíčkova 995
Boskovice, 680 01

The evangelical church is the youngest item (from 1998) on the list of Boskovice cultural heritage. Its tower with a chalice on top can be seen from far away. It was built in 1941 at the expense of the community of Czech Brethren, who - as well as other Protestant churches - have a long tradition in the district. Till the late 16th century, several Roman Catholic priests were forced to flee from the town, and one was even expelled by the believers. Others tried to acquire influence by serving communion under both kinds still in the 17th century. Nowadays the church is a place of not only worship but also cultural events, mainly concerts.

The single-aisle structure with a flat ceiling, bearing distinct marks of modernism,  is a good eclectic example of applying modernist procedures for spiritual purposes. The façade, with bilateral projections, is broken in the lower part by three glazed entrances,  above which the flat roof rests upon a simple cornice. The nave is lit by two vertical bands of windows. The projections are lit from the sides, by two series of windows with pilaster strips between them. The tower is preposed to the nave, and in the middle broken by a vertical band of windows, and crowned by a stepped prism supporting the peak point of the structure – a metal book symbolising the Bible with a chalice standing on it. The nave is topped by a hipped roof resting on a stepped cornice.    

Evangelický kostel
Historické foto

Sdružení historických sídel
Čech, Moravy a Slezska

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