Jewish cemetery - Boskovice

Boskovice, 680 01

The cemetery in Boskovice, founded not later than the 16th century, ranks among the largest and most valuable Jewish cemeteries in the Czech Republic. It is situated about 800 m southwest of Masarykovo Square and the Jewish Quarter, at the northwest foot of the castle hill. Approximately 2500 tombstones (matzevah) are erected on an area of 14 528 square metres. The cemetery is surrounded by a wall and shaded by trees. Two gates lead into the complex, the first for the public and the second, situated somewhat higher and oriented towards the town centre, was reserved for hearses. Stairs lead from the first gate to the funeral hall built in 1763, of which only the side masonry and a stone slab, into which the Mourning Kaddish is carved, have survived. The oldest tombstones date from the 2nd half of the 17th century, the absolutely oldest one from 1670. The tomb of Rabbi Samuel ha-Levi Kolin, inter alia author of Machatsis ha´Shekel commentaries, is the local pilgrimage place. In 2000, a new matzevah, with brief data about Rabbi Reuven, was set on the site of the original, eroded one, with the financial support of US donors.

židovský hřbitov
židovský hřbitov
židovský hřbitov

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