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Plzeň Gate

Husovo náměstí
Beroun, 266 01

The monument is accessible for reduced admission

Monument will be open:
10.9.2022 from 9:00 to 12:00 hours, from 12:30 to 17:00 hours

The two-storey tower-like gate has a plan of 10.3 x 9.6 metres and its height represented the town's headquarters. The thickness of the gate wall is 2.3 metres. The arched passage has a circular opening, which was used for transporting objects and for defence. On the outside of the gate, the passage was protected by a drawbridge and a lowering grating - a ridge. The gate was closed at night with double-leaf gates and during the day with chains. The entrance to the tower was on the south side through a portal, which is located about 2.5 metres above the rampart. The 2.5 m from the gallery was climbed by a ladder. Access to the rooms on the upper floors is provided by the original staircase in the thickness of the wall. In the 1890s, a spiral staircase was cut through the wall on the ground floor, which now leads to the first floor. The secure vaulted rooms were used by the townspeople to store municipal valuables and weapons. In the 16th century, the top floor of the gate was rebuilt. The original gable roof was replaced by a high gabled roof with two clay poppies, the gallery with battlements by a wooden undercroft with corner bay windows. On the ridge of the roof there was a tower and in it were the bells of the clock of the so-called Czech astronomical clock. At the same time as the gate was rebuilt, a square forepart with shooting galleries was built in front of it. The gate was damaged by fires several times. After a fire in 1735, it was given a baroque roof with a helmet on the truss. The present appearance of the gate dates from 1896. The decoration of the gate has changed over time. The painting of a death-bearer with a scythe and a Latin chronogram from 1737 was replaced by a sienna sgraffito in 1876, and in 1896 it gave way to a painting of the god Chronos and the maiden Moira by the Prague painter Vilém Preis. Since the Middle Ages, the upper floor has been occupied by a herald's apartment. His apartment was occupied until 1972. Currently, the premises of the gate are used by the Museum of the Bohemian Karst.

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Name: RNDr. Karin
Family name: Kriegerbecková
Phone: 604585345
Plzeň Gate, also called Top Gate, belonged to the most important links of the town fortifications. The provincial road from Plzeň to Prague led through it till 1842.

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