Jenštejn House

Husovo náměstí 87
Beroun, 266 01

The monument is accessible for normal admissions, but offers extra events

Monument will be open: 10.9.2022 from 8:00 to 18:00 hours

At first glance, it catches the eye with a Renaissance portal of red limestone with a Latin inscription: Benedic Domine Domum istam et omnes habitantes in ea. Henricus Cžižek de Genstein Gratae posteritati. Anno Domini 1612 (Bless this house and all who dwell in it. Henry Cížek of Jenštejn to his beloved posterity. In the year of the Lord 1612). The house was probably built by local builder Jiří Táborský. The house acquired its Baroque appearance by reconstruction after the fire of the town in 1735. The two-storey four-axial facade is topped with gables. On the left side, the house extends into Slapská Street by an arched underpass. The ground floor of the house has a cross-vaulted mausoleum with laurel stucco decoration on a central column of red limestone, in which fossils can be seen in places. Currently, the building houses the Museum of the Bohemian Karst, p. o.

Responsible person
Name: RNDr. Karin
Family name: Kriegerbecková
Phone: 604585345
Jenštejnský House ranks among the oldest and in architectural terms the most valuable burgher houses in Beroun.
Jenštejnský dům 2

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