Podblanicko Museum, Růžkovy Lhotice Chateau

Zámek 1
Čechtice, 257 65

The chateau near Čechtice houses a permanent exposition presenting early music by Bedřich Smetana, as well as some composers who were born in the area, such as Jan Dismas Zelenka, Josef Leopold Dukát and Josef Suk, or who visited it - Richard Wagner, Gustav Mahler. From the chateau history: Oneš Tluksa of Lhotice was seated at the Lhotice stronghold as early as 1363. In 1542, the desolate building with a village and dependent farmstead was purchased by rich freemen, the brothers Jan and Jiří Růžek. In 1777, Josef Růžek sold the property. In 1781 the free farmstead was acquired by František Dorn, economic counsellor to Count Palma, and it was probably during his time that the Baroque-neo-Classical “freeman’s chateau“ was built on the site of the former stronghold. The entrance wing had three storeys, just as the more massive north-east wing. The windows were framed with chambranles, the south front ended in a tympanum. The chateau offered convenient living for lower aristocracy. Besides the farmstead, a brewery, distillery and water mill, the estate included extensive forests. František Dorn sold Lhotice in 1792. From July 1835, it was owned by František Smetana, father of the young composer Bedřich. The family lived on the first floor, where Bedřich had a room. His years at Lhotice were among the happiest in his life and were reflected in his compositions. However, the father was compelled to sell the estate in 1844. At the end of the 19th century, the chateau was devastated by fire and the 2nd floor of the entrance wing was not restored. Since 1924, a bust of composer Otakar Španiel has been placed on the south façade. In 1972, the dilapidated chateau was acquired by the Benešov District Museum. During reconstruction, the ground floor arcades have been restored and the windows facing the courtyard enlarged. The exposition “The Musical Tradition of the Podblanicko Area“ has been set up on the first floor. The complex was opened to the public in 1984.
Zámek Růžkovy Lhotice u Čechtic
Zámek Růžkovy Lhotice u Čechtic
Modrý salón v zámečku Růžkovy Lhotice
Zelený pokoj věnovaný rodině Bedřicha Smetany.

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