Podblanicko Museum - Benešov branch

Malé náměstí 74
Benešov, 256 01

The monument is accessible for reduced admission

Monument will be open:
11.9.2021 to 12.9.2021: from 9:00 to 12:00 hours, from 13:00 to 16:00 hours

Two exhibitions will be waiting for you in our Benešov branch of the Museum of Podblanicko at Malé náměstí 74: For archaeology fans, the exhibition "Under the Surface" will show a selection of new archaeological finds from the museum over the last 3 years. Among other things, it will remind you of the now-famous discovery of coins from Čeliv in August 2018, which included two gold ducats of Hungary - of Sigismund of Luxembourg and Albrecht I of Habsburg. And the panels will show you the course of the research from the discovery situation through documentation to the restoration of the objects. The exhibition will also include early modern finds such as tiles and glass from Sázava or a set of finds from Komorní Hrádek from the late Middle Ages to the Baroque period. The unique wooden parts of the weir from Městečko u Nespek will also be exhibited for the first time. And those interested in art around 1910 and the poetics of folk buildings in the Benešov region will be delighted by the exhibition of drawings by the leading Czech landscape painter Ota Bubeníček, whose birth will be 150 years ago this year. At the Prague Academy he was a student of Júlio Mařák, but he was also influenced by Antonín Slavíček, and the exhibition will present a selection of pencil drawings in which Bubeníček, as a lover of the Czech countryside, captured the surviving world of timbered buildings with cottages, barns and trees with patulous crowns during his wanderings in Benešov before the First World War. It is the more intimate selection of works that allows their "old Bohemian atmosphere" to stand out. Entrance fee is a symbolic 1,- CZK.

Responsible person
Name: Veronika
Family name: Hanusová
Phone: 739203306
The Art Nouveau house, designed by Marcel Dusil, was built by the District Economic Savings Bank in Benešov in 1904-1905. In 1992, an exhibition on the history of the town and surroundings, and artistic monuments of the region, was opened here, and the exhibition Our Regiment, featuring the history of the Benešov garrison, was added in 2002.
Expozice Historie města Benešova
Expozice Historie města Benešova a okolí
Kachel se stromem života
Expozice  Náš pluk
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