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Mayrau Open-air Mining Museum in Vinařice

Vinařice u Kladna, 273 07

The branch of the Sládeček History and Geography Museum in Kladno is the only mine of the Kladno Hard Coal District open to the public. The visitor route is designed to recall the last working day, so that participants walk the same route that the miners had walked every day. In the end they see a collection of mining machines, the oldest of them, originally a steam-driven piece of 1905.

The Mayrau Open-air Mining Museum in Vinařice originated in 1994, then still at an existing mine (mining was discontinued in 1997). Since 2010, it is a branch of the Sládeček History and Geography Museum in Kladno. The museum preserves a unique collection of late -19th century shafthead frames and mining machines from 1905-1932. The theme of the exposition is the last working day so that visitors follow the same route that miners coming to do their shift work had walked every day. Also on view is a training point of mining rescue workers.  

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