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Cellars under Records Office

U Staré sladovny 1708/2
Nymburk, 288 02

Two especially notable Renaissance cellars from the end of the 16th century under the Records Office of the Nymburk Municipality

The first cellar, on an oblong ground plan (6.7 m x 4 m = 26.8 m2), apparently an original malting floor, with a barrel brick vault, a doorway leads to the other cellar.

The second cellar also on an oblong ground plan (7.1 m x 4 m = 28.4 m2), was apparently also used as a malting floor. In the north wall is a walled-up entrance to a corridor (today filled up), which originally connected the cellars with an adjacent malthouse, mentioned to be new in 1598. It was destroyed during the Thirty Years‘ War (1618-1648).

Archaeological research in 1996-1997 was led by Karla Motyková. The municipality decided to preserve the notable finds. The malthouse, today part of house land-registry no.370, was opened to the public in October 1998.

The vault of the second cellar has very unusual structure, the curves in the brickwork suggest that it may have been laid without arch-centering and boarding. Only few cellars built by this technique exist in the country and most were used in connection with malt and beer production.

The floors in both cellars, originally earthen, are now covered with loose- laid burnt bricks.

The walls, entrances and vaults of both cellars were repaired and restored in 2008-2009. Ventilation was installed in 2013, after the original ventilation shafts were walled up during the construction of the records office.

The municipality plans to illuminate the cellars and occasionally open them to the public.

The Renaissance cellars and the malthouse are unique evidence of beer brewing in Nymburk, with a history reaching back to the 13th century.


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