Burgher brewery

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Tour of sections of the historic cellars. Burgher Brewery, Manorial Brewery cold storage, granary, pharmacy

Beer was brewed in the Burgher Brewery until 1950. Then lemonades were produced here, and from the 1980s it was used as fruit and vegetables store. In 2000, the devastated building was purchased by a local entrepreneur who gradually renovated it.

The brewery cellars probably originated in the 2nd half of the 19th century, and thus rank among the more recent ones in Polná. They were used for beer maturing. In 1893, a grave containing a crouched skeleton was discovered during digging to deepen the cellars. It hid not only the remains of a primeval man but also vessels of Corded Ware ceramics, and probably also a stone axe and battle axe. Some of these items are now in the Polná Municipal Museum collections. Vast cellars with segmental vaults are below the south building. In the east section, there are various types of vaulting - flat, barrel, and segmental. All the cellars in the complex are interconnected.  

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