Kaple sv. Josefa - Jaroměřice nad RokytnouKaple sv. Josefa - Jaroměřice nad Rokytnou
Budova hlavního nádraží PardubiceBudova hlavního nádraží Pardubice
Průčelí domu - Praha 1Průčelí domu - Praha 1


Former barracks

Karlova 111
Písek, 397 01

The former 18th-century barracks housed schools throughout the 20th century. Today the building is leased for non-residential purposes.

Built between 1753 and 1767, the barracks was the largest structure in the town. The builder incorporated the north wing of the former royal castle into the complex, and as a result one of the grand halls, the arcades and tower were destroyed. Due to reconstruction, the present barracks wing in Karlova Street is of a later date - it was built 1848-1850 in neo-Classical style and had an arcade, which was however bricked up later. Soldiers stayed here until the early 20th century. After them the complex housed a secondary school, municipal archive, and till 2013 a business school.

Bývalé kasárny v Písku
Bývalé kasárny v Písku
Bývalé kasárny v Písku

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