K. A. Polánek Regional Museum in Žatec

Husova 678
Žatec, 438 01

Monument accessible for voluntary admission

Monument will be open: 18.9.2021 from 10:00 to 18:00 hours

In 2021 Žatec commemorates the six hundredth anniversary of the defeat of the 2nd Crusade against the Hussites at Žatec. The Crusaders' expedition of about 20,000 men besieged the town in early September 1421. Even after six repeated attacks, they failed to conquer Žatec and the Žatec defenders rejoiced in their victory.

A programme reflecting this historical event has been prepared in the main building of the museum and the adjacent garden. Those interested can visit the newly opened exhibition on the Žatec episode of the 2nd Crusade and watch a newly made documentary about this event. In the garden of the museum you can visit the "Crusader" and "Hussite" camps, see the weapons of the Hussites and Crusaders or watch a demonstration of the conquering of the chariot wall. At the same time, we offer the opportunity to listen to period music or dance medieval dances, see leather work, coin minting or spinning on a spinning wheel. Performing groups include Honesta, Modua, Merlet, Subulcus, Kancioneta, Elthin and CANDENTIS Scaena.

Tastings of historical dishes and other refreshments are also provided.

Responsible person
Name: Radmila
Family name: Holodňáková
Phone: 602724628
Formerly a hospital from 1857, after 1899 an orphanage, and since 1938 a museum. Exposition on the prehistory of the middle Ohře river valley, history of Žatec and its iconography. Rare is the cabinet of hops-related postage stamps and a functional clockwork of the historic tower clock made by Ferdinand Lontensperger in 1768-70. Since December 2012, a new exposition Žatec Time Machine is open, documenting Žatec history of the 19th and first half of 20th centuries in the form of interactive tablet games.

The museum's exhibits present the prehistory of the Central Bohemian Uplands and the history of the town, along with Žatec iconography. 

Hlavní budova Regionálního muzea v Žatci, Husova ul. 678
Vchod do muzea hlídá bájný Boreš
Zajímavá je i žatecká ikonografie
Archeologická expozice v hlavní budově muzea
Historická expozice
Kabinet chmelových známek
V prvním patře muzea odměřuje čas funkční hodinový stroj
Interaktivní expozici Žatecký stroj času můžete absolvovat pomocí tabletů
Žatecký stroj času je expozice i hra
Husitský klobouk, Sbírka Regionálního muzea v Žatci
Model husitského vozu je k vidění v expozici Regionálního muzea v Žatci

Sdružení historických sídel
Čech, Moravy a Slezska

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Czech Republic

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