Town Hall - lookout tower

nám. Svobody 1
Žatec, 438 24

Now the seat of the Municipal Office. Originally a cloth market hall from 1362, from the Hussite wars the entire building served the purposes of the local government. In 1559 it was rebuilt in the Renaissance style by Jiří Všetečka of Pardubice, further adaptations were carried out after a fire in 1767 by J.P. Loschy. The lookout tower, after reconstruction in 1995 opened to the public, stood here already before 1362 and evidently was part of the fortification system. The Gothic arcades below it were passable. The Baroque reconstruction involved the addition of two storeys (today the tower is 46 m tall), dome and open gallery. In good weather visitors who ascend it are rewarded with a beautiful view of not only the town but also the Central Bohemian Uplands and the panorama of the Krušné (Ore) Mountains.

městská radnice vévodí náměstí Svobody v Žatci
pohled z ochozu věže radnice na centrální část náměstí Svobody
pohled z věže radnice na východní frontu domů na náměstí Svobody
výhledu z ochozu radnice severním směrem dominuje Chrám Nanebevzetí P. Marie

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