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Brewery of the local lords mentioned in 1586, surviving Renaissance core with interiors from the early 17th century, given the present appearance in an overhaul into an industrial steam-engine brewery at the end of the 19th century. Beer ceased to be brewed here in 1943, dilapidation followed. The valuable technical monument is being renovated step by step.

The first written reference to the Lobeč Brewery dates from 1586. Its core, a valuable two-aisle vaulted barn, dates from the early 17th century. The brewery was then built probably by the Věžníks of Věžníky. The complex was further developed, but its style of a small rural brewery run by the local lords survived for centuries. It acquired its present appearance in a conversion into an industrial type of steam-engine brewery, implemented at the end of the 19th century by the owner of the Mšeno estate Rudolf Cicvárek, later a prominent traveller and politician. The overhaul was designed by the renowned engineer Johan Rosenberg, whose style is evident especially from the unique construction and typology of the cold stores.

The brewery then experienced its golden years at the beginning of the 20th century and briefly also between the two World Wars, when its annual production totalled regularly 10 000 hectolitres. During the period of brewer Josef Tománek from Mirotice in South Bohemia (1907-1921), Lobeč beer was highly valued in the region. However, a period of decline followed after his departure and the brewery was incorporated into the Podkováň Breweries joint-stock company.

Beer brewing was discontinued in Lobeč in 1943, the economically difficult period of the war-time Protectorate. A bottling unit of Podkováň beer then operated here and the malt house was rented out. In 1948 the idle brewery was nationalised as part of the Podkováň Brewery, and in 1949 was closed down and the machinery was scrapped. For several decades the complex was then used by the local State Farm as storehouses, workshops, garages, and a part for housing. A long period of destruction, devastation and decay thus began.


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