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Vysočina complex of rural houses

Příčná 350
Hlinsko, 539 01

The largest outdoor museum of folk architecture in Bohemia, composed of two parts. The first - on the Veselý Kopec (Merry Hill) - consists of 30 structures documenting peasants´ way of life and work from mid-19th to mid-20th centuries, apart from cottages including also water-driven technical monuments. The second - a monument reserve called Betlém (Bethlehem) near the Hlinsko town centre is formed by timbered houses built in mid-18th century by craftsmen. Visitors can see craftsmen´s and factory workers´ households, weavers´, toy makers´ and shoemakers´ workshops, and an exposition on Shrovetide customs and masks, part of the UNESCO world intangible cultural heritage.

SLS Vysočina - Posvícení (archiv NPÚ)
SLS Vysočina exteriér (archiv NPÚ)
SLS Vysočina exteriér (archiv NPÚ)
SLS Vysočina interiér (archiv NPÚ)
SLS Vysočina interiér (archiv NPÚ)
SLS Vysočina exteriér (archiv NPÚ)
SLS Vysočina exteriér (archiv NPÚ)

Sdružení historických sídel
Čech, Moravy a Slezska

Opletalova ulice 29
110 00 Praha 1
Czech Republic

phone: +420 224 237 558
phone/fax: +420 224 213 166

Office hours:
Mo - Th: 8.00-16.00
Fr: 8.00-14.00

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