Frýdlant Castle and Chateau

Zámecká 4001
Frýdlant, 464 01

The original castle, and the Renaissance chateau added in the 16th century, went into the hands of the commander Albrecht of Wallenstein after the 1620 Battle of the White Mountain. The last owners were the Clam-Gallases, who opened it to the public in 1801, and Frýdlant thus became the oldest castle museum in central Europe. Visitors can see castle interiors (items associated with Albrecht of Wallenstein and other owners, the Knights´ Hall, armoury) and chateau interiors (state rooms, the Count´s and Countess´ s apartments, bathroom, kitchen). The tour also includes the Renaissance chateau Chapel of St Anne.

Frýdlant exteriér (foto Petr Kříž)
Frýdlant exteriér (foto L. Bidlasová)
Frýdlant exteriér (archiv NPÚ)
Frýdlant interiér (foto L. Bidlasová)
Frýdlant interiér (foto L. Bidlasová)
Frýdlant interiér (foto Petr Kříž)
Frýdlant interiér (foto L. Bidlasová)

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