Art competition "Ottilia´s region seen with my eyes"

Venue:Boskovice, Masarykovo náměstí 2 / 4, Boskovice, 680 01
Date of performance:9.7.2014 až 1.9.2014
Event character:Local
Event type:Other events - European Heritage Days
Thematic category:Visual arts
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Detailed description:

The Muninicipality of Boskovice in collaboration with the Vatra Boskvice and Orel Boskovice special-interest associations organise an art competition, inviting participants to depict their impressions from visiting the area around the Chapel of St Ottilia, a major landscape feature and cultural monument, as well as popular stop-over for tourists. The format is left to their choice, but the work - only one per person - must be either a painting or drawing.
Please bring your works to the Boskovice Municipal Information Centre, Masarykovo Square 1, by 1 Sept 2014. The works will be put on display in the Boskovice Museum, Hradní Street, and their evaluation will take place on the EHD occasion in the museum on 10 Sept, 2014, 4 pm.
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