Znojmo Castle/Deblín Chateau

Hradní 84/10
Znojmo, 669 02

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The original Znojmo Castle, built in the 1st half of the 11th century on a promontory above Dyje River, was the seat of Znojmo Přemyslid appanage princes and fortress guarding the southern border of the Czech Lands. In the 18th century, the Lords of Deblín erected a Baroque chateau on its foundations, proceeding only from the ground plan of the northern and eastern wings. The spacious courtyard on the site of the southern and western wings of the original castle is designed as a court of honour. The oval entrance hall of the chateau - known as \"Ancestors´Hall\", attracts the eye by the ceiling fresco gallery of Austrian Habsburgs. Today the chateau houses a museum.

The castle was built on a rocky promontory above the Dyje River in the 1st half of the 11th century.

znojemský hrad

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