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The Old Town Hall dominates Masarykovo Square. In 1562, the municipality purchased two houses devastated by fire and had them rebuilt by an Italian, Jakub Cornbell, into a Town Hall, which was given number 1 in the first official numbering of houses in 1770. The arcades were originally open to the square in three semicircular arches with massive pillars, matched by three gables of the original second storey of the building. In 1638, a massive quadrilateral tower of five storeys, 31 metres high, with a gallery, clock and onion-dome roof (known as Ferdinandka) was added to the Town Hall with a contribution from Emperor Ferdinand III. Since then, it has been the second dominant structure of the town beside the church tower.

In 1742, the façade was decorated with frescos and the Rožmberk, Schwarzenberg and municipal coats-of-arms. In a remodelling in 1819, the house was given a third storey. The second tower, with a Baroque cupola and a bell, was added to the Town Hall building. Since 2008, it houses an exhibition hall and the municipal museum.

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